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Wedding based on Seasons

Chicago's distinct seasons offer a wealth of inspiration for planning a wedding that embraces the unique characteristics of each time of year. Here are some ideas for seasonal weddings in Chicago:


  1. Cherry Blossom Theme: Capture the beauty of spring with a cherry blossom-inspired wedding. Choose venues with blooming gardens or incorporate cherry blossom decorations and floral arrangements.

  2. Outdoor Garden Wedding: Take advantage of the mild spring weather by hosting your ceremony or reception in one of Chicago's many botanical gardens or outdoor parks.

  3. Pastel Color Palette: Embrace the soft, romantic hues of spring by incorporating pastel colors such as blush pink, soft lavender, and baby blue into your wedding decor and attire.

  4. Fresh Floral Accents: Highlight the abundance of spring blooms by incorporating fresh flowers such as tulips, daffodils, and peonies into your bouquets, centerpieces, and floral arrangements.


  1. Lakefront Wedding: Make the most of Chicago's stunning lakefront by hosting your wedding at a venue with waterfront views. Consider venues along Lake Michigan for a picturesque backdrop.

  2. Outdoor Tent Reception: Embrace the warm summer weather by hosting an outdoor tented reception in a park, garden, or private estate. Decorate with string lights and lush greenery for a romantic ambiance.

  3. Summer BBQ or Picnic: Treat your guests to a casual and fun summer BBQ or picnic-themed wedding complete with grilled favorites, refreshing cocktails, and lawn games.

  4. Nautical or Beach Theme: Channel beachy vibes with a nautical or beach-themed wedding. Incorporate elements like seashells, anchor motifs, and blue and white stripes into your decor.


  1. Autumn Harvest Theme: Celebrate the bounty of fall with an autumn harvest-themed wedding. Decorate with seasonal produce, such as pumpkins, apples, and gourds, and incorporate rich colors like deep red, burnt orange, and golden yellow.

  2. Rustic Chic Barn Wedding: Embrace the cozy atmosphere of fall with a rustic chic barn wedding. Choose a venue with exposed beams, wooden accents, and scenic countryside views.

  3. Fall Foliage Backdrop: Take advantage of the vibrant fall foliage by hosting your ceremony or taking photos in a park or forest preserve with a backdrop of colorful autumn leaves.

  4. Bonfire and S'mores: Keep guests warm and cozy with a bonfire and s'mores station. Provide blankets and marshmallow roasting sticks for a fun and memorable outdoor activity.


  1. Winter Wonderland Theme: Embrace the magic of winter with a winter wonderland-themed wedding. Decorate with sparkling lights, white and silver accents, and faux snow for a festive ambiance.

  2. Indoor Ballroom Reception: Escape the cold weather by hosting your reception in an elegant indoor ballroom. Decorate with candles, crystals, and lush winter greenery for a romantic atmosphere.

  3. Holiday-Inspired Decor: Incorporate holiday-inspired decor elements, such as evergreen garlands, twinkling lights, and seasonal florals, to add warmth and cheer to your winter wedding.

  4. Cozy Comfort Food: Treat your guests to comforting winter dishes like hearty soups, roasted meats, and warm cocktails. Consider adding a hot chocolate or mulled wine station for an extra cozy touch.

No matter the season, Chicago offers a stunning backdrop and endless possibilities for creating a memorable and unique wedding day. Consider the weather, local attractions, and seasonal elements when planning your wedding to make the most of your chosen season in the Windy City.

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